We love the children that are a part of Remnant of Israel and we support biblical discipleship at the youngest of ages! We encourage a multi-generational mix in our congregational activities. We love children sitting with their parents and grandparents during litury and praise and worship time. We do not mind the “noise” of children if you prefer to have your children with you during any part of the service. During our Erev Shabbat (Friday Night) services we offer nursery and Shabbat school to all children up to sixth grade in age.

Nursery (ages 0-3)

We have childcare available to children ages 0-3 in the nursery upstairs. Childcare is provided by background checked members of the congregation. In addition, next to the nursery we have a private nursing mothers room.

Shabbat School

Children ages 4 and older are welcome to attend Shabbat school during the Rabbi’s message. Here they will share in a parasha lesson, scripture memorization, crafts and interactive music or other teaching. We have three divisions of classes including:

  • Pre-school (age 4-1st Grade)
  • (2nd-4th grade)
  • (5th-6th grade)

Shabbat Day (Saturday)

We encourage children to stay with their parents during Torah study, but do not mind if they want to play in the basement nursery or back play area. During Torah study we have a potluck lunch (biblically clean of course!).  We have an organized children’s teaching called HaMelech Yeladim (The Kings Kids). HaMelech Yeladim is open to children age 5-11. Afterwards children are encouraged to participate in Hebrew classes or are free to fellowship with other children under adult supervision.