Beginner Hebrew

Our beginner Hebrew class is an excellent introduction to the Hebrew “aleph-bet”.

Why study Beginner Hebrew?

  • Hebrew is the original language of Scripture. The entire Tanakh (Old Testament) was written in Hebrew.
  • Yeshua (Jesus) spoke Hebrew and read Hebrew. His disciples did too! It is the foundation of the New Testament.
  • Our synagogue (and all synagogues) use Hebrew in our service!
  • Understanding Hebrew will help you be a better student of the Word!

דוגמא לגופן "פרנק-ריהל" הגופן ששימש ...
דוגמא לגופן “פרנק-ריהל” הגופן ששימש לדוגמא: Frank-Ruehl, של קולמוס. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Beginner Hebrew classes will give you a very basic understanding and ability to read Biblical Hebrew. These classes are offered as a FREE ministry of Remnant of Israel to the Wichita community. We study from the First Hebrew Primer or from the siddur. Please feel free to join us on Shabbat (Saturday afternoons) or on Wednesday evenings. Please call 316-744-7470 if you would like to join us.